How Many Sentences are in an Essay

How Many Sentences are in an Essay

In an essay, the number of sentences varies depending on the paragraphs that an essay contains. According to, paragraph may have a minimum of three sentences to a maximum of eight sentences. The first sentence of a paragraph ought to be the expression of a specific opinion or perspective of the topic of discussion. The three sentences that follow should provide information that backs up the idea in the opening sentence. The fifth sentence provides an example that is applicable to support the idea or perspective of the author of the essay.  The next two sentences should represent an explanation as to why the example given has a relation with the idea in the opening sentence. The final sentence should reveal the conclusion drawn with regard to the opinion. Therefore, the number of sentences that an essay has depends on the number of paragraphs that an author includes.

It is important to consider the number of sentences in an essay in order to enable the flow of the essay in a better way that is more understandable especially by the readers. Having a limit to the number of sentences in an essay helps in reducing the probability of having excess sentences that are not relevant to the subject matter. It allows the author to be concise and precise and prevents ambiguity. With a specific number of sentences, an author is able to present an idea and support it in a comprehensive manner. A good instance is that when a paragraph has the correct number of sentences required it is likely to meet the standard qualifications of a good essay. On the other hand, when an essay has less sentences or it exceeds the maximum number it is probably not a standard essay. It is important to have the appropriate number of sentences in a paragraph in order to present a good essay to the readers.

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