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Please Note:

  • All Meters are to be cleaned and free of all fluids and chemicals for safe transportation.
  • An MSDS for the Fluid you are metering should also be included with the faulty parts so our technicians can safely handle your meter.
  • If Flow Meters are not cleaned they will be returned for cleaning at the customer’s expense as this is an Occupational Health issue.
  • Flow Meters and parts are to be returned to Macnaught for inspection on customers freight.
  • Fill in this form and email to Macnaught and a Return Authorisation ( RA ) will be raised in our system.
  • We will reply with a RA Number
  • This is your reference number when enquiring about your return and must be stated.
  • The RA Number must be clearly marked on the outside of the box for identification when arriving in our goods inward dock.