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About Macnaught

Macnaught, a privately owned company, established in 1948, have been designing and manufacturing premium quality fluid measurement, fluid transfer and lubrication equipment for the agricultural, automotive, industrial, mining and transport industries across the globe for over six decades. Leaders in our field, we design and manufacture world-class products with a commitment to excellence as one of our main goals. We maintain our leading position in the market due to the Macnaught culture, which breeds a unique combination of innovative design, engineering know-how, quality workmanship and dedicated people. Today we are expanding beyond our traditional product base by offering our consultative expertise to companies, advising, developing and customising solutions to suit their specific needs.

What Sets Us Apart

At Macnaught we understand what it takes to be and remain the leader in our field. We have uncompromising standards and are constantly seeking to innovate and forge new paths through product development. The key values that our founder Colin Macnaught instilled in the business proudly remain entrenched in our culture today and help set us apart from our competitors. Amongst the most important are the four cornerstones of our enterprise:

1. Innovative design

We have a passion for the design process. We listen to our customers and their ever expanding requirements. We have a team of dedicated engineers that think outside the square, meaning that our unique designs lead the field in design, quality and performance. We are constantly seeking innovative designs which will improve and enhance performance and durability in order to deliver outstanding product performance and reliability for peace of mind.

2. Engineering precision and excellence

Our engineers have been designing and manufacturing world-class products for over 66 years. The experience we have gained over that time delivers again and again for our customers with  products engineered to exacting specifications and tolerances. Our products are used in demanding situations and our commitment to engineering excellence ensures that they perform every day with enduring reliability.

3. Technical expertise

Our technical expertise is second to none, allowing us to advise clients with authority and speed. Combined with our extensive industry’s specific based knowledge, it means that we have an unmatched ability to manufacture or source and assess specialised products from all over the world.

4Great people

Our people are our greatest asset. They not only understand the products we offer, but can provide expert advice and support when using them in some of today’s most demanding industrial  environments. Throughout our business, we have dedicated and trustworthy people with a can-do attitude.

Consultative Engineering

Beyond making world renowned quality products, Macnaught has developed a reputation for joining with other companies in joint ventures to deliver customised solutions tailored to their specific needs. Consultative engineering is a natural fit for us because it leverages the four cornerstones of our business – innovative design, engineering excellence, technical expertise and great people.

In partnership with your engineers we can deliver innovative and cost efficient customised solutions incorporating:

  • Evaluation and product design
  • Engineering design and development
  • In house prototyping
  • Specialised sourcing and evaluation
  • Precision manufacturing to strict tolerances
  • Solution delivery

Through our specialised partner network around the world, we can also engage other product specialists where necessary to deliver optimal solutions for our clients.

Macnaught’s Added Value

There’s a lot more to Macnaught than first meets the eye. From our quality accreditations and environmental commitment to our warranty and distribution network, when you partner with us you have a world of expertise and resources at your service.


Our products are designed and built to last. As a result, and to give our customers peace of mind, Macnaught offers warranties of up to 5 years on most of our products. This is extended to 10 years for Macnaught design endorsed products.

Quality assurance accreditation

Macnaught has a commitment to quality in every aspect of our business and has held ISO9001 accreditation continuously since 1997. We also hold a significant number of other quality assurance accreditations – for a complete listing please see our certificates page.

Environmental accreditation

Macnaught is committed to the protection of the environment in the course of designing, manufacturing and delivering our products and solutions to the global market. We have an active Environmental Management System (EMS) in place with strict policies covering energy use, waste minimisation and recycling and pollution prevention.

Our EMS helps minimise our  environmental impacts and has the active participation and cooperation of all employees.

As a result of our commitment to responsible environmental management, we are proud to have held ISO14001 certification since 2010.

Extensive service, distribution and parts network

Service and parts for our products are available worldwide through an extensive network of service centres and distributors. We maintain a very wide range of spare parts and enquiries and technical assistance are only a phone call away. With offices in Australia, USA and Europe we are able to offer round the clock support for our customers.